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We recently began partnering with Uncaged, an organization working with victims of human trafficking in Eastern Europe.

For survivors of sex trafficking, rescue is the beginning. Uncaged brings healing to survivors worldwide through holistic, trauma-informed care that equips survivors to stay free. We work to see them reintegrate and thrive!

Right now, Uncaged is working with governments across Eastern Europe to stamp out the scourge of sex trafficking. Together, we are creating national intervention and prevention plans to stop traffickers before they strike. We’re writing the protocols for how to identify survivors and get them to safety. To unlock transformation, we build healing villages where survivors go to recover once they’re freed. Without these crucial Sanctuaries, 80% of survivors will be trafficked again.

Over 770 survivors have begun their healing journeys with our team. It’s only the beginning. Let’s unlock transformation for the survivors – first in Europe, and then across the globe. The video below is a powerful introduction to the vital work of Uncaged. We encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it.

Millennium Canada is thrilled for the opportunity to partner with them. For more information about the wonderful work of Uncaged please visit their website at this link.