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Hope flourishes when the focus is on people– and programs are born out of relationship

Millennium has designed, led and sponsored a wide variety of projects.  By living and working with the people we serve, we are able to design short and long term projects that benefit the community, with a special emphasis on programs with sustainable results.

We have four core competencies:

Health and social services Health and social services
Education Education
Micro-economic and sustainable development Micro-economic and sustainable development
Disaster relief and assistance Disaster relief and assistance

Our effectiveness stems from:

Long-term commitment Long-term commitment
Integration of workers into the community Integration of workers into the community
Innovative human-scale projects Innovative human-scale projects
Independence and self-sufficiency Emphasis on projects that encourage independence and self-sufficiency
Decentralized decision-making Decentralized decision-making
Measurable outcomes and regular reporting Measurable outcomes and regular reporting

We don’t have easy answers but we do believe it is possible to change our world.  By listening to and understanding the needs of the people, Millennium workers develop projects that help solve human problems at the local level.  We are a network of dedicated people who live long term among the people we serve.  Our field workers speak the local language and understand the culture.

Millennium Relief and Development Services has served the poor in various parts of the world for over a decade and is looking forward to continued service to the poor, suffering and disenfranchised through a network of teams dedicated to the people they serve.

In delivering intelligent compassion to those in complex situations, Millennium takes a simple, effective approach to meaningful relief and development.  Ours is an agile approach that strives to avoid cumbersome bureaucracy, centralized control and costly administration.

Millennium’s US and Canadian headquarters support programs conceived and implemented by field workers who live and work among the people they serve.  Millennium field workers and staff represent a diversity of backgrounds including medicine, science, education, engineering, technology, and business.

Field workers design projects that solve human problems at the local level. This is intelligent compassion in action.