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The Republic of Iraq has seen the rise of fall of successive civilizations since 6th century BC. The area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers is known as the cradle of civilization, and it is here where writing and the wheel were first developed. Iraq, specifically southern Iraq near modern day Nasiriyah, is also the birthplace of Abraham of the Old Testament, known to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

Childhood innocence one of the first casualties of war. Children, growing up in Iraq, lack access to education and opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty and violence. They lack opportunities to play, learn and grow in total safety.


In the City of Nasiriyah, according to the Ministry of Education, there are 42,000 kindergarten-aged children, but only space available for 9,000 of them in recognized kindergartens.


In addition to other community programs and projects that have been offered by MRDS Southern Iraq over the past years, October 2014 marked the opening of a kindergarten program designed to address the pressing need for spaces and resources for this next generation.

The school was opened with the conviction that the ‘ends depends upon the beginning” and that by investing in the youngest in Iraq that an even brighter future might be a reality.