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Syrian refugees in Lebanon

A Report from Lebanon

Due to the prolonged military action in Syria, thousands of Syrians have become refugees in neighboring countries, including Lebanon.  Among those fleeing are large numbers of Palestinians.  Most of these Syrian Palestinians are unable to find any help with the Lebanese communities, so are migrating to the Palestinian camps.

A group of Palestinian teachers bringing donated clothes, toys, books, kitchen utensils, and blankets recently visited the Weavel refugee camp in in the Baqua valley.  They reported about the refugees:-

“They left their homes and ran away after they lived miserable period of time under violence, seeing innocents killed every day and destruction of their houses and property-shops and stores.  Some of these families had their houses completely destroyed (15 families) and 5 families had their heads (fathers) killed, leaving widows and sad innocent children who badly need help and support”

 The houses at Weavel camp were already overcrowded before the refugees arrived. The Syrian refugees had no alternative but to accept any proposal concerning shelters with hope that they will find somebody to hear their cry for help.

We are seeking emergency relief (just over $20,000) for forty Palestinian-Syrian families that have lost all and fled the violence in Syria to take refuge in a poor Palestinian camp in the poor Eastern Beqaa valley of Lebanon.

Would you consider what you could give to help meet this need?

$500 would sponsor the needs of a single family.

Or consider

sponsoring food and nutritional needs of a family for $100

Kitchen/cooking utensils $100

Pillows, blankets and mattresses $100

Rental Accommodation $200

Thank you for considering this need.  If you would like to donate click here.