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We have two active projects in Kyrgyzstan

Hands of Hope

This facility provides a safe shelter for women who have been abused and/or raped, by husbands, boyfriends or family members, or through bride-kidnapping. In some cases also assists women coming out of prostitution and trafficking. This facility also feeds and sponsors orphans and street children.

Poultry Feed Development Project

This is an economic development project to expand and support the poultry feed industry’s growth into the three Northern Provinces surrounding Bishkek.  The project involves setting up a distributorship, which consists of two businesses – a small-scale feed mill and an egg farm.  The purpose is to create businesses, create jobs, create quality food, and create opportunities for sustainability of NGO projects. The development strategy for creating a market has been to train local families to set up and run small-scale, independently-owned egg farms).