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Millennium Canada has recently begun a new program working in partnership with the Service Fraternel d’Entraide. SFE is a French NGO which has been implementing rural development and health projects in Laos since 1998. SFE, supports five projects aimed at walking alongside Lao people to improve lives and helping people reach their potential.

TerraCare, one of these SFE projects, provides locally made ceramic water filters to the neediest families, giving them access to clean water in their own homes. In addition, TerraCare gives these families trainings to promote healthy hygiene practices, changing their lives as drinking filtered water and improved practices decreases waterborne diseases and improves health.

The price of a filter is usually $45. TerraCare program provides filters to the families in need at a discounted price of just $5. For the remaining cost of the filter, we need individuals or groups who would be ready to make a donation of $40 and give an entire Laos household safe drinking water for years. Our goal is to provide this basic human right of clean water to 10,000 families in southern Laos.

Note to our Canadian donors: The prices above and in the video are in US dollars. We suggest Canadian donors donate $50 to sponsor a filter. Would you consider making a donation of $50 to provide clean drinking water for one village in Laos? For options on how to give please visit this link or our orange donate button found at the top of this website page. Please indicate your donation is for TerraCare Laos.

Would you also consider being an ambassador and talk about the TerraCare project among your friends ?