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Refugee children in Iraq

The Quintessence of Life

Sometimes my daughter Emma surprises me with the videos that she likes. This week has been the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  Emma happens to have autism spectrum disorder and doesn’t talk so I don’t why she likes the movie but I know why I like it. It’s quirky and fun and has some great quotes. In the movie there was a photo that was said to “capture the quintessence of life”. Quintessence is one of those words you occasionally hear without completely knowing the definition. It is defined as something that is the perfect embodiment of something. It is the most rich and best example of something. This got me thinking. What is the quintessence of my life… or better yet, the life I want to live?

In the book “Talk Like Ted” the author stressed that passion is a key ingredient in good communication. Knowing the answers to what your passion is or “what really causes your heart to sing” can help you communicate better. Maybe knowing that can also help you capture the perfect embodiment of what your life should be.

What Makes my Heart Sing

Here are some things that make my heart sing…
I love those rare moments when I share the hospitality of the poor. I once sat in a tent and drank tea with some Syrian refugees. It filled me with joy. I also love when I can visit our Millennium workers overseas and over a cup of tea dream together of great things to be done. Such things make my heart sing. I have joy when I can help our workers bring hope to people living in impossible places. I received this picture last week from colleagues in Northern Iraq. It’s some children who are part of families we helping who have fled from persecution. To see these dear young Iraqi displaced children laughing fills me with joy.

Moments of Glory in the Everyday

Sometimes my greatest joy seeks up on me in the everyday ordinary events of life. Every night I tuck my son Caleb into bed and we pray together. And then I will say “I love you Caleb”. And then if I’m really really lucky Caleb will say back to me “Nuv Yew”. To hear Caleb say “nuv yew” (I love you)—that for me is truly the quintessence of life.”

May your days be full of everyday glory and the quintessence of life.